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~ How to Start an Art Centre ~

This is a practical handbook for planning and establishing an art-based community centre. This guide provides an overview of the key aspects that would need to be considered when planning to offer art classes and/or start an art centre to your local community.  Our handbook focuses predominantly on starting an art centre as a non-profit, including some information on what to consider should you decide to run your art centre as a profitable pursuit. This module is shared with CAF's as an on-line self-help reference guide; and BAP programme staff are available to those who use this resource to assist and mentor them as they implement this challenging but needed activity.

This handbook is free and available for download in four parts, book 1, 2, 3 and 4. The appendices are also available for download. 

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Book 1


Chapter 1
Introduction to Butterfly Art Project

Chapter 2

So You Would Like to Start an Art Centre

Chapter 3
Doing Your Homework


Book 2 

Chapter 4
Planning Your Art Projects and Classes

Chapter 5
Resource Mobilisation

Book 3

Chapter 6
Marketing Your Art Centre

Chapter 7
Developing Networks and Partnerships

Book 4


Chapter 8 
Developing a Business Plan

Chapter 9 
Online Resources

Chapter 10 

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