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Meet The Faculty

Charles Jansen

 Trainer: Early Beginnings, Art in Youth, Counteracting Trauma with BAP Method, Love Bugs Induction & Art Project Design

Charles Jansen Photo.jpg

Charles has been with the Butterfly Art Project for 11 years and is a BAP Method Specialist. He was been a practicing Community Art Facilitator at our Art Centre in Vrygrond, testing our therapeutic art methodologies since 2013. Charles is an experienced and gifted CAF trainer and mentor. He is also a visual artist who particularly loves drawing.

Phumzile Bio pic.jpeg
Phumzile Rakosa

Gauteng Region CAF Mentor

Trainer: Community Mapping, Early Beginnings, Counteracting Trauma with the BAP Method & Love Bugs Induction

Phumzile is the founder and Director of The Idea Enterprise Creative Thinking Space. She is an Educator, Community Art Counsellor, Facilitator, Mentor and a Certified NLP Practitioner. She was introduced to the healing power of art through Lefika La Phodiso Community Art Counselling and Training Institute, where she trained as a Community Art Counsellor and Facilitator and later became the Executive Director from 2016-2020. Phumzile facilitates arts for psychosocial support in under resourced communities in Gauteng

Eunice Freeman

Early Beginnings Co-Trainer & CAF Mentor,

Child Case Study Facilitator

Mara Fleischer

Trainer & Mentor: Building Sustainability for My CAF Practice

Angela Katschke 2.jpg
Angela KAtschke

Consultant & Art Therapist

Angela Katschke is the founder of The Butterfly Art Project. She graduated as an art therapist from the University of Ottersberg in Germany in 1999. Since then she has worked in psychiatric, psychosomatic and psycho-therapeutic medicine with all age groups. Coming to South Africa in 2009, she specialised in the field of art therapy for traumatised children living in unsafe and unstable communities.

Zaid Philander

Trainer: Early Beginnings, Art in Youth & Exhibition Curation

CAF Mentor, Child Case Study and Artist Hub Specialist 

Zaid Bio pic.jpeg

Zaid is a social activist, teacher and entrepreneur.

He explores the healing qualities of sewing, combined with storytelling & singing as as therapeutic mediums for children and adults. Zaid is a visual communication expert and a brilliant facilitator to both young and "old".

Melanie Godfrey
webcam-4_22_2021, 4_23_05 PM.png

Melanie is a Registered Counsellor and a parenting and family well-being coach. She has worked in the counselling field for more than 20 years. Mel loves guiding and supporting people and is passionate about learning and teaching emotional intelligence; seeing the benefits of it when used within the schooling and other environments. Melanie is also one of the founding members of Foundations for Life, a holistic family centre established in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town.

Trainer & Mentor: Building Resilience for My CAF Practice

Charlene Jefferies

Charlene is a qualified, well experienced Waldorf school teacher. She has creatively taught children and adults for many years in college, at school, in township, from home, in studios ands on zoom. She is striving to grow and be part of the solution of creating a safe, healthy, beautiful world for all. Bringing up her two children helped her to become humble - she is still learning. She says: "I LOVE expressing action through colour and form".

Artist Hubs Facilitator, CAF Mentor & Anthroposophy Specialist

Other CAF Faculty members

Angela Hough-Maxwell
Jacqui Farr
Nicole Sparks
Tamryn Coats
Tine Bohm 

Liz Smith

Richard Goodall

Christina Goodall

Koleka Sofuthe

Chervonne Julies

Aveleigh Gateman

Courtney Snyman

Charles Ainslee

Dirk Stassen

Kelly Collier

Thandiwe Msebenzi

Abigail Florence

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