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Meet The Faculty

Melanie Godfrey
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Melanie is a Registered Counsellor and a parenting and family well-being coach. She has worked in the counselling field for 20 years, loves guiding and supporting people through her work and is passionate about learning and teaching emotional intelligence and seeing the benefits of it when used within the schooling and corporate environments. Melanie is also one of the founding members of Foundations for Life, a holistic family centre established in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town.

CAF Trainer: Social and Emotional Learning

Other Professionals Supporting
The CAF Faculty

Amy Cornfield
Angela  Hough-Maxwell
Briar Grimley
Briget Steffen
Damon Rice
Edward Luddick
Elinah Ngwenya
Eunice Freeman
Faika Green
Galiema Isaacs 
Jacqui Farr
Lira Greef
Michael Grimley
Nicole Sparks
Tamryn Coats
Tine Bohm 
Yvonne Herring Bruwer

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Shona Saayman

CAF Mentor: Child Case Studies

Shona is BAP Child Case Study Facilitator and has been involved with BAP since 2017. She is passionate about art and its healing capacities and uses it in much of her Occupational Therapy work with children and with adults: to support mental health, support personal growth and cognitive rehabilitation. She loves yoga, her cats, children and architect husband………in no particular order. Shona is interested in Sandplay Therapy, brainbased therapies and is a certified Sensory Intelligence consultant to name a few therapies.

Black Tea chai is her first port of call in the mornings.

Charlene Jefferies

Charlene is a qualified, experienced Waldorf school teacher, of many years. She has creatively taught children and adults for many years in college, at school, in township, from home, in studios, on zoom. She is striving to grow and be part of the solution of creating a safe, healthy, beautiful world for all. Bringing up her two children helped her to become humble - she is still learning. "I LOVE expressing action through colour and form".

CAF Mentor: Artist Hubs

& Traumatic Stress Relief

Charles Jansen

ACV Team Leader

CAF Trainer: Creative Interaction

Mentor for CAF Internships at ACV

Charles Jansen.jpg

Charles has been with the Butterfly Art Project for almost 8 years now. He was trained as a Community Art Facilitator already in 2013. During his first years at BAP, he has had the opportunity to assist various very experienced art teachers. Through this, he has gained lots of expertise when it comes to implementation and working with children. He feels lucky to be working in his community and having the opportunity to help to make it a better place. Charles is a CAF Trainer, Team leader at the Art Centre Vrygrond, a mentor for CAFs and loves to work with children and youth.

Zaid Philander

BAP Programme Manager

CAF Trainer: Handcraft

Mentor for Project Cocoon


Zaid is a social activist, teacher and entrepreneur. He is a self trained designer since the age of 7. Back then he learnt to use a crutch and a hose pipe to reach the pedal of an industrial sewing machine due to him being too short. He creates bags made from up-cycled materials and empowers physically disabled residents from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town to run their very own businesses using their sewing machines. Zaid is exploring the healing qualities of sewing, combined with storytelling, singing and experiential needlework as a therapeutic medium for children and adults. He is currently the Programme Manager of the Butterfly Art Project’s Training and Mentoring Programmes.

Aveleigh  Gateman
aveleigh 2021.png

Aveleigh has worked as a facilitator, curriculum developer, and program manager in the education, non-profit and business fields for the past 15 years. To date, Aveleigh has run programming in 20 countries, including: China, Thailand, Germany, USA, Haiti, Kenya and South Africa. She loves to create opportunities for individuals and teams to develop and grow, and specializes in facilitating workshops for strategic planning, goal setting, community building, problem solving, and culture shift. She currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Aveleigh has a B.Soc.Sc in International Development from the University of Ottawa in Canada, and a M.Sc in NGO & Arts Management from EDHEC business school in France. Aveleigh has been trained as a CAF herself in 2016.

CAF Trainer: Creative Interaction

and Early Beginnings

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