Heart For Art 2021

Art Centre Vrygrond

Term 1, 2021 will take place 01.02.-25.03.2021 and the main theme will be “Manifesting the New”. 


With 2020 having been such a difficult year, we learnt that we must be prepared for unpredictable eventualities that life might throw at us. By shifting furniture around and storing equipment differently we found that our rooms can comfortably fit 10 children per class with safe social distancing. Next year we will facilitate 20 Heart for Art classes a week for the children of Vrygrond, Overcome and Hillview. Each class will have one facilitator and an assistant. We are aiming to reach 180 children per week in the first term. Classes will be offered in various timeslots in the day. In the morning we will host the Love Bugs children with classes offered Monday - Thursday. The children will come to the program in 2-hour timeslots, between 8:00 and 12:00. In the afternoon from Monday to Thursday every week, we will offer 20 art classes for Vrygrond, Overcome and Hillview children. These classes will be facilitated between 13:30 and 17:00. We now know that children from other schools enjoy their time in the program and can collaborate well in class with some of the more experienced Heart for Art children. We will continue to go out and recruit children from other schools to be part of the program.  


As per Butterfly Art Project’s rhythm, Heart for Art classes in Term 1 2021 will be run according to BAP’s art campaign theme/ Art Project Design: ‘Manifesting the New”. Our classes will work with the new theme through their facilitator’s medium of choice. Artworks produced will go towards BAP's annual exhibition in July. We look forward to reporting about this in the new year.  


The Love Bugs are too young to be able to fully engage with the “Manifesting the New” theme. They will therefore work from stories and create artworks that are inspired by the stories they are read. Besides creating beautiful artworks, they will continue with their daily form drawings, especially finger knitting which strengthens their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination for helping them write the alphabet (our contribution towards their school readiness) 


As contributors towards BAP’s Mentoring Programme, we will host 8 Community Art Facilitators per term as they gain hands-on experience to be able to facilitate effective healing art classes of their own. We are excited to see what the outcome of these mentoring sessions will be and what it will bring to the BAP CAF network. 

Busy Bees


A diverse group of learners that aims at learning everything wool and knitting related. from knitting full-size toys, garments and products, this group teaches learners fine motor skills, patience and combines their left and right brains by developing their cognitive mindset with their creative mindset.



Our pottery classes offer learners to develop artistic skills in pottery painting 

These classes include Wheelwork and Handwork, Functional ware, Ornamental and Sculptural products, Painting and glazing, Bisc and glaze firing, Slip casting and Drip moulding

Junior Fireflies


This group of just over 40 learners are taught art in two different groups that emphasizes on specific themes such as recreating popular art forms from all the countries around the world!


A group of young energetic kids from grade 5 and 6 who explore their creativity through different art practices. This group specifically was formed due to the need to get our building more active on a Friday Afternoon due to the school schedule that closes earlier than usual.

Worker Ants


Our Handcraft group focuses the practices of creativity through creating crafts that are often usable, pragmatic solutions. Often items created are either to help improve the lives of the kids or simply to add beauty to their lives at home.

Art Beetles

In collaboration with Right Mukore's Wood sculpture workshop at the Montebello Design Centre, we have established weekly trips where our learners develop wood carving skills, strengthens fine motor skills, 3D design and sculpture, shapes, concentration, environmental awareness and working with natural materials.

Schools in neighbouring communities


We have established teaching and learning partnerships with schools in communities suffering from similar social challenges. We see this as an exchange of learning in order to better understand their challenges and observe their best practice in overcoming these while we share our experience over the past years.


This is a group of children who have been denied the opportunity to go to school. Through this class, we offer a space for these children from the Vrygrond community to have some exposure to art activities and learning, using art therapeutic and emergency pedagogy elements in these lessons. Through these art activities (which also includes free play, art making and story time), we teach the children various skills to assist them in developing aptitudes to better deal with the daily challenges they face.

Imago Butterflies

This is a group of  high school learners (aged 13 – 18) who are interested in and have an affinity for art but whose schools do not provide arts related opportunities. Through these classes we provide a space, materials and art therapeutic facilitation to help them explore and develop their artistic ability.


This group (aged 6 and 7) are our “incubating artists” where we focus on developing fine motor skills and unlocking their art abilities and creativity through simple artworks which helps identify where their talents may lie.


Our sewing group covers a set of grade 5, 6 and 7 children that acquire skills in hand stitching, sewing (domestic machine) and basic sewing skills that children can implement within their own homes. These classes aim to address learner’s improvements in technique, fine motor skills, patience, problem-solving, cognitive thinking and creativity. Silkworms focuses on sewing and creating items using forms that gravitate toward fabric painting, embroidery and simple hand sewing techniques to create flower motifs and other sewing products.


A more matured group catering toward Grade 6 and 7’s, that follow the Community Art Facilitators curriculum. This curriculum focuses on gaining insight into the history of art and proposes to widen participants’ own artistic skills and applies exercises for individual creative development.


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