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Heart For Art

Heart For Art is an afterschool programme offering children and youth art classes with a therapeutic element. 


At our Art Centre in Vrygrond, we test and refine all our art therapeutic methodologies, offering safe learning spaces and opportunities for children and youth to explore, experience and develop creativity, to acknowledge and find appropriate ways of dealing with emotional hurt and pain and to heal.  


Rhythm is the foundation and structure of our work with children and youth. Rhythm is key in a child’s development, building stronger life forces and emotional stability. Through rhythm we provide children and youth with reliability, predictability, stability and consistency.  


Our art classes with a therapeutic element for children 7 to 16 years old enrolled in Primary and High School, each with 12 - 14 children per Community Art Facilitator (CAF), are run according to the school year over 4 terms. Our Open Studio class provides youth aged 16 – 21 years old enrolled at high school, studying and stepping into adulthood with a safe, creative space in which to explore and process the world around them and their response to this world. 


We serve a minimum of 220 children and youth per week through art classes focussing on a variety of healing art mediums and techniques. We use basic and affordable art materials to enhance the children's creative process and contribute towards their emotional resilience and stability, such as:   

  • Clay which stabilizes and grounds children   

  • Paint which allows children to explore the feeling world and nurtures empathy for the world and others   

  • Drawing which is used to strengthen children’s thinking, life forces and observation skills   

  • Hand craft, mixed media and woodwork which strengthens important soft and hard skills  


1.5 hour weekly after school classes

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Clay, Handcraft, Drawing, woodsculpture and Painting

Ratio of 1 facilitator per 7 children

Classes aligned to BAP method: Welcome circle, refreshments, art activity, gallery feedback and farewell

Wholesome sandwiches and fruit provided for every child for every session


Our impact


Heart for Art Classes

Term 1

Monday 22 January - Thursday 14 March 2024

Heart for Art Holiday Programme: 18 - 22 March 2024 & 25 - 28 March 2024

Term 2

Monday 8 April  - Thursday 30 May 2024

Love Bugs Holiday Programme 03 June 2024 - 06 June 2024
10 June 2024 - 13 June 2024

Term 3

Monday 15 July 2024 -  Thursday 5 September 2024

Love Bugs Holiday Programme

Monday 09 September 2024 - Thursday 12 September 2024

Term 4

Monday 7 October 2024 - Thursday 28 November 2024

30 November 2024 End-of-Year Celebration

Heart for Art Classes


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Wood sculpture

Clay and sculpture.jpeg

Clay and Sculpture

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Mixed Media


Dance & Drama

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