Heart For Art Jan-March 2020

Art Centre Vrygrond

The Heart for Art Project is based at our Art Centre in Vrygrond. Heart for Art, is an extra-curricular programme offered to children, providing them with a sense of belonging and opportunities to develop life and social skills. Classes are throughout the week in 1 to 2-hour sessions, over 32 weeks. Heart for Art also runs community classes (Love Bugs) for children who have not been enrolled in schools or any formal educational institutions. These children are offered classes three mornings per week. 


Find us

Art Centre Vrygrond

1115 Vrygrond Ave. Vrygrond 7945

at Capricorn Primary School                                         


 Community Art Partners

192 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7950

At Casa Labia (Garden Courtyard)

B-BBEE status Level 1


Art Center Vrygrond

(+27) 72 190 2149

Training Studio:

(+27) 21 709 0996

Training Office Mobile: 

(+27) 60 805 6482