Training Programme  


This programme focuses on enabling and empowering participants to be able to implement healing art classes in disadvantaged communities. The curriculum aims to create safe spaces that are a catalyst for holistic healthy development and that encourage exploration and creativity. Over the years our training modules have been refined based on our learning with children and collaboration with others in the development sector.  


After completing our Early Beginnings module, participants qualify to become part of the Community Art Facilitators Network. Otherwise one can also enter the programme through Art in Youth Development. The following is a summary of the training modules we have available for our CAFs. 

The training is structured in modules themed for a specific artistic concept and consists of 8 sessions of 3 hours each trained in full days or half days. 


1. Participation in 8 workshop sessions of 3 hours each

     (alternatively, 4 sessions of 6 hours each depending on scheduling by the Training Manager)

2. Facilitation of a group of participants from a vulnerable community of trainee’s choice; minimum of 24 hours      of facilitation & practice

3. Monitoring and evaluation of community work i.e.: Registration of participants being taught. Completed Child monitoring tool and written reflection/significant stories.

4. Submission of a portfolio of evidence (inclusive of learnings, lesson plans, artworks and photographic evidence) at the end of the module in order to graduate.

Entry Module:
Early Beginnings

Module/Course Descriptions:

How to become an effective mentor

Toy Making

Child  Development
Social & Emotional Learning
(Foundations for Life)
Art in Youth Development

The Butterfly Art Project Method

Creative Interaction

the healing power of stories

Drama for Personal Development
Art Project Design
Sustainability and income generation
Traumatic Stress Relief
How to Start a
Community Art Centre

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