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Training Programme

Participants broaden their artistic skills, practice developing art projects for children in need of healing, learn about the human being and its imbalances and gain an understanding of the value of creative development.

The training focuses on empowering participants to be able to implement healing art classes in disadvantaged communities immediately. 

Over the years our training modules have been refined based on our learning with children and collaboration with others in the development sector.  


After completing our Early Beginnings or Art in Youth development modules, participants qualify to become part of the Community Art Facilitators Network.

Requirements for the completion of a module: 

1. Participation in 8 workshop sessions of 3 hours each.

2. Facilitation of learned skills with a group of at least 7 children from a vulnerable community (of the trainee’s choice) for a minimum of 24 hours.

3. Monitoring and evaluation of community work as taught in training courses

4. Submission of a portfolio of evidence (including learnings, lesson plans, artworks and photographic evidence).

Entry Module:
Early Beginnings

Module/Course Descriptions:

Art in Youth Development

How to become an effective mentor

Social & Emotional Learning
(Foundations for Life)
How to Start a
Community Art Centre

Creative Interaction

Creating theatre: the healing power of stories

Sustainability and income generation
Art Project Design

Please note: Our application process requires a Police Clearance. If you do not have one at hand, DO NOT PANIC! You are welcome to submit yours once you have been accepted for the course.

Workshop/ Webinar Descriptions:

Paint Making
Childhood challenges
Trauma in Childhood

The seven year cycles in child development

Form Drawing
Remedial storytelling
Child Protection and Community Mapping

Childplay in different age groups

BAP Monster Exhibition-14.jpg

Exhibition Mentoring circle  


Toy Making (therapeutic sewing)

Enterprenueral activities through Social Media
Relationship between adult and child
Bereavement:working through grief and loss
The fourfold human being
Story telling through clay
12 senses in child development
Empathy Pastel and journaling
BAP-142 (1).jpg
Project Planning Workshop
Interactive relief print making

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