My Monster Project


With the Butterfly Art Project´s 2020 art campaign, BAP aims to reignite the compassion and courage in children to face whatever life brings to them. The monsters of our times must be recognised and confronted to find solutions for or to counteract against them.

With this art campaign, we aim to support children and youth to identify problems through their creativity, to find adequate expression for their concerns, to explore healthy ways of fighting the monsters they face and to spark a fire in them to bring change to the world.

Monsters can also be called, dragons, shadows, evil, doubles, boggeltjies, tokoloshes, adversaries, challenges, disasters, threats, etc. There are inner monsters and outer monsters. The individual healing journey to deal with them would be:

Discover the monster and name it.

Find the courage to face it and get to know it: What is its origin? Who else knows it? When did/do you meet it? Does it live in you or in the outer world? Does it help you in some way? Is it of any use?

What disarms the monster? Is there a spell against it? Depending on the nature of the monster, different solutions can be found:


 - Transform it

 - Befriend it

 - Integrate it

 - Unmask it

 - Withstand it

 - Combat it

 - Reduce it

Treat yourself and others with compassion.

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