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We have PMEL steps and tools for all our adult training and mentoring activities as well as our work with children through our Art Centre, Vrygrond. Over the past 10 years the organisation has been developing, testing and refining its PMEL tools. The following describes BAP’s training and mentoring programmes’ PMEL tools and how they are utilised. The following describes the “flow” of how and when BAP uses its PMEL tools; please note though that this is not necessarily the only order, some tools are used much more often than others; for example: “Training Module WhatsApp Group Chats” are utilised several times a week, but "Harvests” take place every quarter. How frequently a tool is used isn't an indicator of its importance, what it is used for determines the frequency. Training and mentoring work hand in hand at BAP, with mentoring even starting during the first training process itself; becoming more intensive post training. Mentoring tools are described after the training PMEL tool descriptions: 

Orientation Days (Planning): 

BAP hosts periodic orientation day sessions for adults interested in our Community Art Facilitator (CAF) training, to come and get to know BAP, discover mutual expectations and learn all that BAP has to offer. This way, applicants can make informed decisions about training with BAP (career planning) and becoming a CAF. The training applicant’s aptitudes, time availability and expectations are tested through individual interviews, they need to submit a motivation letter and complete a self-assessment questionnaire. Orientation days are a great planning tool as it formalizes recruitment and gets all the admin out of the way, enabling more training time in the training itself (the purpose of planning if to enable effective time utilization).  

CAF Masterlist (Planning & Monitoring): 

The CAF Masterlist houses all relevant data and information for every Community Art Facilitator (CAF) that has been through a BAP training module. This data includes their personal details with links to important documentation such as their CV, ID and Police clearance certificates, their training participation and portfolios of evidence track record. Links that take the user/reader to other documents like those relating to the CAF’s mentoring processes are also housed here. This list enables the team to see all participant information in one place, a quick navigation guide when looking for beneficiary information, especially useful when wanting to engage with them. This tool is a fantastic monitoring resource for programme/project managers, even enabling them with demographic information (BAP is verified BBBEEE level 1 and must prove certain equity targets annually) or being able to list all the communities that CAFs serve. The tool is in Excel therefore filters can be used to enable a variety of specific fact-finding searches, depending on the user’s need

Training Module Flyer (Planning): 

Flyers are sent out into BAP’s network of Community Art Facilitators to inform everyone of coming BAP capacity building opportunities. Flyers always contain the following: the topic to be covered, the facilitator/trainer’s details, the date of the training and any other specifications that would enable CAFs to be able to decide about attending the opportunity on offer. Flyers also always include the organisation’s contact details if more information is needed or to express interest in attending. The best time frame to send a flyer out into the CAF network is 3 weeks prior to the first day of training.

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