Love Bugs

Our Love Bugs project provides a safe and healing space where children can get off the streets and have an opportunity to be ready to be able to attend formal school.


We welcome these children who are not in school due to various social issues including parents who are indigent, addicted to drugs, homeless, do not have identification - all of these are exacerbated by continued institutional failure to provide thousands of children formal schooling. There are too few classrooms and teachers available to meet demand.


Love Bugs is our response.


We run two x 2-hour community classes with 20 children per group


40 Children in total (10 children per classroom)


Four days

a week


Children's ages range from 5 - 12 years

We grow their school readiness by following the same structure each day, to help them gain rhythm, orientation and to learn the routine one finds in formal schooling. 


The children learn through stories, art and social games. Every day they apply themselves to form drawing exercises which strengthens their handwriting, thinking and life forces. The programme’s foundation principles are inspired and informed by Waldorf education, which focuses on the holistic development of the child, incorporating elements of nature in the classroom and encouraging creativity and free play as part of learning. 


Every day we provide all our Love Bugs with a bowl of cooked porridge, a freshly baked homemade roll and a fresh fruit at the end of the day.  


Part of our termly rhythm is ending the quarter with a celebration, celebrating the children's participation throughout the term. This celebration can be in the form of a class party, parent day or an excursion relating to the theme of the term. 


None of what we achieve would be possible without the co-operation and willingness of their parents/guardians to work with us. We educate, engage and support them to find a school for their children. We link them to state social workers so they can be guided, challenged and motivated to take appropriate care and action for their children. They know up front that we involve social workers when needed. Every parent/guardian signs an agreement with us. 


Because children must be in school, we are required by law to share their information with a social worker. We have a very good working co-operation with a local Department of Social Development worker. Through her help and support, we are able to formally lodge complaints against parents/guardians who we identify as deliberately neglectful their children. The social worker has always intervened swiftly and fairly.

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In 2021 and 2022:

28 Love Bug children were guided into formal schooling

Don't hesitate to make contact with us if you want to start your own Love Bugs in your own community or community you serve: