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Hello everybody, we are fundraising for the biggest superheroes in our lifes: the children of Vrygrond who are surviving the effects of Lockdown and urging for healing through art. 

For 10 years the Butterfly Art Project offers healing art classes for children growing up in poverty. Every week 240 children participate in our programmes at our Art Centre in Vryrgond. 

Soon it will be Eastertime and these children do not need sugar eggs, marshmallows or chocolates in their nests. Every day we witness the effects of months of Lockdown on these children: when they come to our art programmes, they are hungry. Their families are struggling to survive. A meal and healthy snacks would mean the world for them. One can see it when their eyes light up when offered nutritional food. 

How can you heal your soul when your stomach is empty? 

Please support the Butterfly Art Project to keep feeding these children. 


How will funds be used 

We will purchase the materials and ingredients to prepare weekly meals and healthy snacks for 240 children at the Art Centre Vrygrond. The BAP team will prepare the food (they even bake the nutritious bread for the children’s sandwiches). Every child who comes to a Butterfly Art Project art class will receive a healthy snack or two. 

To provide morning porridge, peanut butter sandwiches on healthy bread and fresh fruits, we need R300 (17 Eur) per child per year. 


  • R50 will provide 40 children with a freshly baked roll today.  

  • R100 will provide 50 children with a fresh fruit for a week.  

  • R150 will provide a nutritious filling on all our children’s baked goods for a week. 

  • R150 will provide 160 servings of warm porridge for a week. 

  • R500 will provide all our children with a fresh fruit for a week.  

  • R500 will provide nutritious filling for our children’s baked goods for a month. 

  • R600 will provide 160 servings of warm porridge every week for one month. 

  • R1000 will provide 200 children with nutritious sandwiches for one week. 

  • R1000 will provide 2550 freshly baked bread rolls (six months' supply).  

  • R2000 will provide all our children with fresh fruit for one month. 

  • R2000 will provide 5100 freshly baked bread rolls (one year's supply). 

  • R3000 will give all our children a healthy celebration at the end of a school term. 

  • R5000 will provide 5100 servings of warm porridge (one year’s supply).  

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