Art Projects are developed by BAP CAFs who work with children. These plans give structure and direction for their healing art classes. Art Project development starts with an overview leading to 8 lessons (average number of teaching weeks in a school term) to facilitate with children, culminating in an art project. Outstanding ideas are taken a step further and are professionally designed and then loaded to BAP’s website for educators around the world to use or be inspired by for their own art project development processes. 

This is BAP’s art campaign for the year. My Monster art activities contribute towards building courage in children; to help them find creative ways of dealing with the monsters they face in everyday life. While facing these monsters together with the children, CAFs aim to invoke a sense of purpose in the lives of the children. This theme also looks at hope for the future. The team has created a dynamic CAF training opportunity with many projects suggestions that would facilitate their child beneficiaries dealing with their monsters.  

BAP launched an online handbook called How to Start a Community Art Centre. This book gives Community Art Facilitators (or anyone else in the world) needed theoretical and practical information for starting a formal art initiative in a SA community.

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