There are variety of ways you can donate to our project! We value all your contributions and know this project is a team effort!


It takes approximately 8 Euros, $9 US, or R150 ZA per month for one child to have access to the Butterfly Art Project programs. Your support is needed to give our children the opportunity to reach their creative futures!


We couldn't run our project without our committed volunteers. We need support in a variety of ways and welcome your time and energy in encouraging creativity and healing through art!


Volunteers Needed for:

- Art Faciliatation - Fundraising - Event Organization - Community Liasing - Gardening - Team Training - Transportation - Cleaning and Organizing

.... and other evolving projects!


International Volunteers

We welcome international volunteers to work alongside our team and bring their own professional experience, skills and time. 

All international volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of 6 months.

We also host 4 Weltwärts volunteers from Germany via the Freunde der Erziehungskunst e.V.





On occassion, we have artwork and BAP products for sale.

Our children and staff often offer up their creative works to benefit our project. 


Contact us if you'd like to purchase some artwork or BAP Products to help us fundraise and be a sustainable, creative resource to our community.  


Some of our staff sell their artwork for fundraising efforts. 100% of the profits go to the Butterfly Art Project. Support us and get great art for a good cause!


Find us

Art Centre Vrygrond

1115 Vrygrond Ave. Vrygrond 7945

at Capricorn Primary School                                         


Community Art Facilitator Training Studio

192 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7950

At Casa Labia (Garden Courtyard)

B-BBEE status Level 1


Art Center Vrygrond

(+27) 72 190 2149

Training Office Mobile: 

(+27) 60 805 6482