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Back to School!

Back to school, back to reality and back to art class! The Heart for Art team started their year off with extensive lesson planning and class scheduling. In addition, the team welcomed new Art Facilitators, Akhona Gom, Charlene Jefferies and Joan Adams.

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Community Art Facilitator, Akhona Gom, joined the team in 2018, assisting Barbara Chisvo our ECD Specialist, Trainer and Mentor in the Mentoring Programme. She started out with BAP in our Training Programme as a CAF in training. This year she’ll be leading her own class in the Heart for Art programme. Akhona, Charlene and Joan will be working with their very own groups at the Art Centre in Vrygrond, that has up to 320 learners per week.

The community classes return as the Love Bugs in 2019. 

We also see the return of our community classes, a programme which was successfully piloted in 2018. The community classes, now fittingly known as the Love Bugs, provide a time and space for children of the Vrygrond community that have not yet been enrolled in formal schooling or institutions. These children partake in therapeutic art lessons that instils rhythm and routine into their daily lives.

For more information on our programmes that run at the Art Centre in Vrygrond, please contact

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