Project Cocoon

Until 2023 BAP will support a min of 15 Community Art Facilitators to start their own community based arts organisation.

2020 participants:

  • Nicky Corker from Akukho Mida - no limits

  • Vicky Badenhorst - Art @ Work

  • Christiane Savoia - Orphan Care Foundation

2021 participants:

  • Wendy Abrahams - Advance Edukos Foundation

  • Barbara Meyer - The Muizenberg Youth Project

  • Eunice Freeman - Mizpha (Caring for the Growth Projects)

  • Faika Green - Kidz Art 

  • Madge Preyser-Grantham - Art with Heart Africa

  • Koleka Sofuthe - Ubomi Aftercare

Project Cocoon mentoring and coaching supports CAFs in learning  the basics of becoming sustainable, developing high quality programmes for children and managing an effective monitoring and evaluation system. By consulting with CAFs, we know that apart from needing this capacity building, they also need art materials, equipment, funds for salaries and travel costs. Those that enter Project Cocoon will undergo intensive individualised needs assessments culminating in a mutually agreed Memorandum of Understanding to formalise the partnership. Those CAFs who are accepted will have access to financial support of up to a maximum of R5000 per month (strictly allocated through a tried and tested points system), regular mentoring support and access to art materials sourced through BAP's art drives. Partnering CAFs will be required to submit Child Development Assessments for a minimum of 50 children/youth every school term and participate in 20 x child case study hubs, 20 x artists hubs and 3 x training modules of 24h each per year.