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A community of active facilitators, who use their BAP skills in vulnerable communities, to bring about healing, healthy social lives and inspire others through art.


Oct 2010

The Butterfly Art Project was founded in Wynberg, Cape Town and began by offering art courses and art therapy to finance projects in the Townships. 

June 2011

Capricorn Primary School invites BAP to operate its programs from their premises using a prefab building. Six groups of preschoolers from Vrygrond walk from their educare centres to CPS to attend a school readiness  programme with BAP!

AUG 2012

Vrygrond Aftercare founded by Build Up Kids merges with the Butterfly Art Project. 

The first Community Art Facilitator Training in partnership with New World Foundation comes to an end.

July 2013

BAP is granted NPO status from the SA Dept of Social Development, Angela Katschke becomes the Director of Butterfly Art Project. 

Mar 2014

BAP Preschool programme is run by first BAP employees and serves 90 preschoolers weekly.

June 2015

BAP takes on a fundraising initiative in order to expand in 2016 to bring about more art outreach and art therapy to communities.

FEB 2011

BAP operates out of Angela's car - offering 2.5 hours of artistic, educational classes in preschools. Other art trainings with teachers & counselors in Hanover Park & Lavender Hill communities.

JAN 2012

Angela takes on the role of Art Teacher at Capricorn Primary School. With a team of locals, 700 pupils per week receive art classes in the loft of the school hall. Parallel Art Therapy sessions take place for children in need.

MAR 2013

BAP opens our new building on Vrygrond Trust land adjacent to Capricorn Primary School with funds raised through Chic Mamas do care, Build up kids e.V., Mercedes Benz and most of all Smiling Heart e.V.

Jan 2014

The BAP Method module is researched and developed and focuses on art therapy for traumatised children in the context of marginalised communities.

Jan 2015

BAP offers afternoon art extra-murals to children from Vrygrond. Adult Open Studios begin in the afternoons too.

Feb 2016

BAP expands its after school programme, running classes for 220 kids and unemployed youth. Two one-year training courses for Community Art Facilitators start at Montebello Design Centre and the Art Centre in Vrygrond.

sept 2016

BAP team consisting of 16 full time staff works on a long term strategic plan, refining its Theory of Change and long term goals.

Dec 2016

BAP management focuses on Monitoring and Evaluation, restructures its organogram and hires support for managing the growing programmes.

APR 2017

BAP hires a teacher coach for the Art Centre in Vrygrond to work with teachers from Capricorn Primary School to enable them to run their own art classes. 

CAP team is training, mentoring and networking full time with a team of 5 and Community Art Facilitators to support as contractors.


Oct 2017


BAP starts a new strategic plan, changing internal structures and simplifying the operations model, organogram and internal information flow. 

oct 2016

BAP opens up its Community Art Partners (CAP) Workshop at Capricorn Business Park where adults from other communities will be taught to run their own art programmes.

Jan 2017

BAP implements the action plan of the long term strategy and creates two main programmes, CAP (Community Art Partners) and the ACV (Art Centre for Vrygrond).

Jul 2017

BAP board discusses hiring an assistant director to strengthen BAP leadership as it transitions from pioneer to structural phase.

By October a very suitable candidate was found and hired from 2018 onwards




BAP hires an assistant director and operations coordinator 

and Art Centre Vrygrond formalises Heart for Art Programme.

Charles becomes the Heart for Art Team leader.


Jan 2018


BAP implements the new strategic plan, shifts its old projects into three main programmes: Training programme, Mentoring Programme and Art Partner Support.


Jun 2018


BAP verified as B-BBEE level 1. 

Community needs assessment takes place to develop a project that accommodate and meets the needs of children from Vrygrond that do not have access to formal schooling and are on the streets. 

Jan 2019

Heart for Art Project starts the Love bugs class; a group of 30 children that are not enrolled in any formal schooling due to  dreadful social circumstances.  

Dec 2018

BAP completes 9 additional Community Art Facilitator modules with partnering organisations offering a wide range of skills to CAFs.

June 2019

BAP partners up with the Casa Labia Cultural Center.

They not only become a funding partner, but offer their garden courtyard as a training space for BAP.

Jan 2020

All BAP activities are planned and rolling, the new team members worked in, we are hugly productive and then the Corona pandemic hits South Africa

May 2020

BAP team shrunk down to 9 team members. South Africa is under Lockdown. We distributed with the help of many volunteers and donors art materials to 4209 children in 32 communities.

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B-BBEE status Level 1

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B-BBEE status Level 1


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