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My Monster Project

For this year, the Butterfly Art Project created a new art campaign to address themes around monsters and how we deal with them. These could be internal or external monsters. The theme developed after engaging with all our Community Art Facilitators where it became apparent that there is great uncertainty amongst youth and children about their future, much of it because of unemployment, crime, climate change, corruption and poverty. We further discovered that this leaves our children and youth with anxiety, depression, fear, lack of motivation and resignation. We, therefore, decided to develop a 3-hour training for our Community Art Facilitators where they are able to use drawing as a healing medium to address these issues and resolve or evolve creative solutions for them. [Continue Reading]

This art campaign aims to ignite the compassion and courage in children to face whatever challenges they face. These issues (monsters) of our times must be recognised, confronted to find counteract against them.

For starters, BAP already trained a group of facilitators in March and we had planned for two more to take place during the month. Unfortunately, due to the world health crisis, BAP will now re-advertise the new planned dates by the 14th March 2020.

With our ‘my monster’ trained facilitators, we aim to inspire others to build the courage to bring about change into the world and to use the skills learnt as a means to support children and youth in identifying problems through creativity.

At BAP, we believe that we can achieve meaningful results with our children and youth by exploring healthy ways of fighting the monsters they face with them; sparking a sense of self-reliance.

For more info on this training, please contact

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