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New Volunteer arrivals

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time – a second, minute, an hour is all it takes to make a positive difference and impact in someone’s life. Fortunately, for the Butterfly Art Project, we have individuals who dedicate a whole year of their time to our cause. After Marie, Fayna, Freya and Salihou have left BAP over the past months to return to their home country Germany, we would like to welcome our new long-term volunteers Mika Springer and Jule Nestler. Mika and Jule are both a part of the Weltwärts volunteer programme and both came from Germany.

Jule Nestler, from Mönchengladbach, is a 21-year-old with a passion for working with children. She developed this passion at an early age while working in an afternoon care programme. Jule spent 13 years at a Waldorf School, where she grew into a creative with an interest in art.

"I'd like to think it was fate that I came here to work at the Butterfly Art Project. Here I get the chance to enjoy my two passions to the fullest and to exchange a lot of creativity.",

Says Jule, who is grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

Mika Springer, an aspiring and talented photographer from Hamburg. This 19-year-old is beginning his journey at BAP in hopes to find out his strengths and where he would like to take the next step of his career. He will be a part of the Art Partner Support team, a much-needed addition of creativity and youth. Welcome to the team, Mika!

Jule Nestler and Mika Springer excitedly start their one-year journey with the Butterfly Art Project, welcome to the team.

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