Mentoring programme

Mentoring offers guidance to BAP-trained participants in developing their art therapeutic skills. The mentoring process includes support to trainees as they implement learnings in their teaching spaces. Mentors provide encouragement that motivates CAFs to complete our training requirements. Mentors are accessible to CAFs so they can learn skills to navigate and facilitate through crisis and offer psycho-social support to traumatised children and youth. BAP offers further support by providing implementation time at its Art Centre, Vrygrond (affectionately known as Heart for Art) where they are capacitated through on-hand experience while learning classroom structure, discipline and the developmental stages of children. 

Mentoring Engagements 

Artist Hub

Exhibition Mentoring Circle

Michaelmas Conference

Implementation at Heart for Art

Child Case Study Hub

CAF Portfolio of Evidence Support and Mentoring 

Art Project Design Hub

Project Cocoon

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