Mentoring programme

The mentoring programme offers further guidance to training participants and Community Art Facilitators in developing their art therapeutic skills. Our mentoring process includes support to trainees how to implement in their teaching spaces in an effective and sustainable way. Our experienced mentors provide one on one sessions and site visits that motivates them to complete our Community Art Facilitators training.


Heart for Art

Train the Trainer Mentorship Project 

CAF Portfolio of Evidence Support and Mentoring 

Art Partner Support Programme

The Art Partner Support programme offers further development opportunities for our Community Art Facilitator trainees to deepen their knowledge and enable them to help grow psycho-social support to disadvantaged communities. By creating spaces to engage in peer learning, to improve observation skills and to share art programme management tools, we respond to the needs of our participants. Projects under Art Partner Support Programme aim to inspire and continuously create a hunger for learning.  

This programme focuses on public communications on behalf of all three main programmes within the Butterfly Art Project by reporting and engaging with the public and stakeholders via digital platforms. The programme also creates activations for public engagement to network and find potential partnerships and stakeholders, potential CAFs and increase the Butterfly Art Project footprint.   


Communicating to and with the public about our work means we remain accountable to the public as a public benefit organisation and keep the plight of those in need of support to aid their development on the public agenda.

The Art Partner Support Programme plays an important role in creating public awareness about the needs of communities and how our programmes can counter and address them. We inform the public, supporters and partners on the progress of The Butterfly Art Project addressing the trauma that arises through social ills. We utilise various platforms to share our news, including events, exhibitions,  social media platforms, our Monthly Newsletter and our Art Drive activities.

Events and Exhibitions


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