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Staff Performance Appraisals

During 2018 BAP has been reviewing and refining its staff performance appraisal process. The review was to ensure that we continue to use the aspects of the system that were working and make amendments to the areas that needed improvement. [Continue Reading]

The team decision, with the support of the board, was to develop a system that equally assesses qualitative and quantitative performance. BAP has been transitioning from its “pioneer” to ”structural” phase, and it was important to ensure that the structure does not take away from the people-centred ethos of the organisation. The qualitative assessment considers factors such as ones’ conduct in the organisation and with those it serves - essentially how one contributes towards the organisation's internal well-being and ethos. The quantitative assessment aspect is based on each staff member’s job description as is based on their performance and agreed upon key areas. Our new performance appraisal system is holistic as considers the person, not just the job. 

With systems like this in place, we ensure that our team always delivers the highest standard and quality, and that there is always progression and growth within the team.

Team BAP, the driving force behind the organisation’s success.

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