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Weekly Hubs with BAP

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Charlene Jefferies in front of participants art works from our weekly Painting Hubs.

Our weekly Artist Hubs (formally known as painting hubs) are underway and still going; the painting and case study hubs have been our longest running workshops to date. The painting hub is in its eighth week and participants are close to finishing their oil painting artworks.


The painting hubs has now shifted into a multi art medium hub where participants have choices in different mediums and develop their inner artist using the mediums of their choice.

We have also recently opened up our Case Study hub to the public and the turnout was positive. Participants got to grow their skills in reading children's drawings, by using Goethean observations techniques and engage with one another around what children would need to heal. Participants also got the opportunity to bring along their own child case studies for analysis and observation.

For more information on hubs or to attend please contact: Artist Hub (runs every Saturday morning from 09:30 until 12:30 at the Montebello Studio in Newlands, 37 Newlands Avenue)

Contact or WhatsApp Facilitator Charlene Jefferies on 072 531 6436

Child Case Study Hub: (runs every Tuesday from 10:00 until 11:30 at the Art Centre in Vrygrond, 1115 Vrygrond Avenue, Vrygrond 7945) RSVP to or WhatsApp 060 928 1078

Please note that all of these classes run every week and participants are able to attend upon their own choice.

Our Child Case Study hub in full swing with our Community Art Facilitators engaging with one case per week.

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