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Shipping Container Becomes New Office

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

BAP's new container office being off loaded adjacent to our Art Center in Vrygrond to accomodate the team as we try to find funding partners for our 1,2 million rand building project.

As our project grows so does our team, and the need for additional workspace becomes important. We were fortunate enough to be donated a shipping container by The City of Cape Town through Ward Councillor Gillion Bosman. The container will be converted into office space for the Art Partner Support team as a temporary solution. We have already receive permission for the building project by the Vrygrond Community Development Trust, and we are now seeking funding to make this 1,2 million building project happen.

There is excitement in the air about the possibilities of what our new office space could look and feel like. So much so, that the children were more than happy to start cleaning up the container and discussions around painting it was already happening.

We are in the process of doing a full revamp of the container; this includes, new flooring, waterproofing and furnishing of the new space. If you are keen on assisting us on our container makeover project, please contact Zaid Philander on

Our soon to be office space for the Art Partner Support Programme.

One of the Heart for Art Classes and The AP Team cleaning up the container.

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