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Shadow Puppetry Hub

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow - light and shadow was one of the main mediums used to create what can only be described as a magical show. We hosted a shadow puppetry hub with Towson University student Rae Hample.

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Shadow puppetry, is an ancient form of storytelling, using flat shapes and figures participants were able to create beautiful imagery using only a source of light and a translucent screen.

Shadow puppetry at it's finest, as demonstrated by one of our participants, Melanie Lippert.

Rae gave a brief history as well as some examples of contemporary shadow puppeteers. This form of storytelling was popular amongst our participants as they were able to let their imaginations run wild, the results were unique and the movement distinctive to each person’s personality. It was an enjoyable occasion as a room full of puppeteers brought their work to life.

Quentin, one of the Towson University students participated and created a cellophane mask.

Some CAF participants from different communities came to learn the skills in shadow puppetry.

All participants snipping away and designing their own shadow puppets.

For more information on our hubs and how to become a community art facilitator, please contact

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Elisa Zalinka
Nov 22, 2023

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