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Annual Exhibition and Celebration

This year's art campaign with the theme of gratitude came to an end last July, but this does not mean that the theme comes to end in our daily lives. It is with great hope that the values we instilled within our children, Community Art Facilitators and staff remain with them for a lifetime. And it is with great hope that our values are recognized and acquired by you, the reader, our supporters, friends and family. Our annual art exhibition was more than just a showcase of artwork, it was a representation and a celebration of the healing power of art.

"The importance of art and how it contributes to the wholeness of a person was clear. So many children are discouraged from taking art as a school subject in high school as its value is generally underestimated and "academic" subjects are viewed as needed for future self-reliance, BUT those parents who attended the event left with no doubt that art is an important academic enhancer and potentially a contributor to their children future independence."

BAP Assistant Director, Gardie Judge stated after the success of our 9 exhibition.

Our annual exhibition officially opened to the public on 18 July 2019 at Casa Labia Cultural Centre. Funders, supporters, staff, friends and family were all in attendance, totalling to 80 guests on opening night. With a range of 50 curated artworks on display from our Heart for Art project, Community Art Facilitators and our Gratitude Project module, there was something for every eye in the room. On opening night, we hosted a silent auction where guests could bid to purchase artwork. We managed to sell 14 artworks, such as African Animal by Charmaine Kwaramba (12, years old), which had been purchased by the Capetonian fabric designer Andrea Brand. Alumni and past Heart for Art participant, Hugo Kabeya(15) sold two artworks on the night, a great achievement for this artist who wants to turn his love for art into a profession. The exhibition provided a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their work in such a prestigious venue. For many, this was a first, a first for our Gratitude Project facilitators and their children too.

We look forward to seeing you at our next exhibition!

Facilitators, Danica Le Fleur, Emma Perries, Shaminay Perries from 9 Miles Project were participants of the Gratitude Project and along with their children (pictured) produced an amazing blanket, that had been showcased in the exhibition.

Gratitude Project trainer, Zaid Philander said “I witnessed how the facilitators got a chance to celebrate with their children and also solidified their capacity as an art educators. This was because they were there for the process of the artwork, which was taken and placed in a professional space for all to see.” A great achievement for all involved in the Gratitude Project.

Sold! Hugo Kabeya’s artwork, Splitting Hands was sold on opening night amongst 14 other works!

2019 Annual Exhibition: The Butterfly Art Project annual exhibition was exhibited at Casa Labia Cultural Centre of which we had 80 visitors since opening night.

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