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Mentoring Day

We recently invited all our 2019 Early Beginnings participants to attend an impactful mentoring day where we assisted all our Community Art Facilitators in the completion and submission of their portfolio of evidence. A portfolio of evidence (POE) is a collection of documents such as lesson plans, training materials, photo evidence of participants implementing in their groups and/or communities as well as their findings and learnings when implementing. A POE illustrates our participants competence in implementing the skills and learnings they have acquired in our training. Our trainers assess these portfolios and will award the participant with a certificate of completion, which is a key indicator that they are ready to implement these learning in their groups and communities. What is the next step for our participants once they have completed this module? We sat down with each individual participant and based on their strengths and interests we mapped out their journey with BAP and identified additional modules, they'd be interested in.

It was lovely to see the diverse group of 22 Community Art Facilitators and how each of them makes a difference in their communities by the evidence they had submitted in their portfolios. The journey with the Butterfly Art Project begins once a participant... [Continue Reading]

Participants receiving their certificates of completion for their entry module: Early Beginnings.

...sits in their first class in the Early Beginnings Module or Art in Youth Development. At the end of an eventful day, we awarded our successful participants with certificates of completion, which would allow them to continue their journey with BAP by enrolling for their next training. Congratulations to our new Community Art Facilitators!

In our Mentoring Programme we guide and mentor CAFs to enable them to meet our assessment criteria, select their next module of training and effectively implement learnings at community level. We offer them with one-on-one sessions while they develop their POEs, implement in their communities and overcome community challenges to their work. Our mentors also guide and encourage through WhatsApp group chats that are set up during each module of training. This also enables peer learning and the sharing of community implementation.

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