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Heart for Art opens another door for the community

Every child deserves equal opportunity, an adult, mentor or teacher that will always believe in them, that understands the importance of connection and inspires them to be the best possible version of themselves. Luckily for BAP, the Heart for Art team is made up of facilitators of this calibre [Read More]

Children from the Vrygrond community who have not been enrolled into school, enjoy a warm breakfast at our Art Center in Vrygrond.

The year started off with excitement as our Heart for Art team started the program off with great eagerness to meet the new learners. The team looked within the Vrygrond community at the challenges it faced and the needs of the community our Art Centre is located within.

After extensive assessment it became evident that there were children within the community that were roaming the streets and have not been enrolled into schools or educational institutions.

This was a big eye opener for the Heart for Art team, and it was decided that we would provide art classes for these children. These classes would keep them off the street, but also ensure that these children recognise that there are people out there that care, that can provide with them with the basics a child at their age would need, such as a meal and a safe space. It’s also the little things like putting wax crayons to paper, holding a paint brush for the first time, or just even being able to call someone ‘teacher’. If it were not for the intervention of BAP, these children may have had this opportunity.

Our community children that now participate in some reading activities all cuddled in a corner of the play room.

These children have become a part of our BAP family, with a hunger to learn and be a part of something bigger. A group of children who were once strangers, have now become the closest of friends. Like clockwork, these children are at the doors of the Art Centre in Vrygrond, waiting with excitement and looking forward to the day ahead. These children need a lot more than we can offer them, it is our hope that they become an integral part of their community, resilient adults who give back to this world. 

Some of the community children being guided through a clay session

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