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Gratitude Project

Our of the exciting activities of our Art Partner Support Programme is our Bonus Training Module (BTM). This year’s BTM is called The Gratitude Project.

Once the class was registered and all the paper work was out of the way, participants could dive into the first training class of The Gratitude Project. They learnt different fabric painting and hand embroidery techniques the very first day! The participants shared why they were most grateful for these skills and started using appliqué techniques to complete individual

fabric panels that will soon become an official gratitude blanket... [Continue Reading]

The first class in March had 6 participants in attendance with 30 more participants on board to train in April. The two-day training consisted of everyone practicing the virtue of gratitude and expressing this via their newly acquired creative skills. The course included a lecture on Rudolf Steiner, where a group reading of Steiner’s work took place around the concept of gratitude and the importance for children to practice gratitude. Our trainer, Zaid Philander, engaged one on one with each participant and assisted them with how to guide and facilitate the children they work with in their community.

The Gratitude Project training session with participants who completed the pieces that would make up the first gratitude blanket. 

After participants have completed their training, they will implement, facilitate and teach what they have learnt through this project, creating gratitude blankets in their communities and groups. Their children’s gratitude blankets will be exhibited in our annual exhibition later this year.

The Butterfly Art Project chose gratitude as the theme for this year’s bonus module, because studies show that irrespective of how discouraging and vulnerable one’s situation might be, they become more energized and positive when practicing gratitude. Gratitude builds resilience and helps develop the coping mechanisms needed in difficult and traumatic times. It enables one to endure and build immunity in dealing with negative circumstances. When faced with trauma, practicing gratitude provides one with perspective so as not to become overwhelmed.

Facilitator, Zain Nazier giving Galema Dalvie a “helping hand” - which happens to be her title of her artwork!

Creating art is therapeutic and gives children an opportunity not only to explore their potential and creativity, but also represent experiences that they may not be able to verbalize. Because of the healing power artistic engagement provides, it is important that we empower adults who work with children to offer this therapeutic opportunity to increase their stability and sense of self via sound values, developing their own goals, gaining maturity, identifying their beliefs and gaining a sense of purpose.

If you are interested in attending training for The Gratitude Project or need more information, please contact Rameez at:

One of our participants focussing on her gratitude panel that will be mended together to make up one gratitude blanket

Gratitude Project training in progress

Heike, one of our participants that travelled all the way from Simondium, an area between Franschhoek and Paarl

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