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First Thursdays with Friends of Design

What happens when digital arts meet traditional arts? The birth of an epic First Thursdays event! The Butterfly Art Project recently partnered with Friends of Design (Academy of Digital Arts) to collaborate on a project as part of the monthly First Thursdays event. The night consisted of pin badge making, free drawing, and making one’s own terrarium, with lots and lots of socialising.

Guests enjoy pin badge making at First Thursdays event with Friends of Design and The Butterfly Art Project.

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BAP, along with Friends of Design opted for a more interactive event for the month of October. The children’s art works were exhibited, along with an activity entitled ‘What does your superhero mean to you?’ Participants brought out their inner child and illustrated what a superhero meant to them by drawing on a huge strip of poster paper. The end result was a beautiful collaboration of superheroes. BAP also ran a stand where visitors could make and design their own pin badges. This was a big hit, as everyone proudly wore their handmade badges throughout the night. Friends of Design hosted the ‘make your own terrarium’ workshop where visitors had the opportunity to learn how to make a terrarium, a sealable glass container containing soil and living plants.

BAP displaying artworks and engaging with other artists and students and informing them about what we do.

The public got to participate in drawing and creating a table long banner in support of the Super Hero theme.

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