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Community Art Facilitator Training Dates 2019

It’s a new year and we’ve already set our Community Art Facilitator (CAF) training dates for 2019. This year we’ve added 8 new modules to our training programme to provide our CAF’s with a well-rounded curriculum. New modules such as Child Development, a module about medical challenges children deal with and how to recognise them in their classrooms and Art in Youth Development, developing personal and community leadership skills by exploring themes around self-awareness, emotional development, agency, communication, and role modelling through creative experiential activities and challenges. Register with us to book your place in one of our new exciting training modules.

2019 Training Modules: Entry Module: Early Art Beginnings Toy Making How to be an Effective Mentor Child Development Drama for Personal Development, Handcraft The Butterfly Art Project Method Creative Interaction Creating Theatre Art in Youth Development Social & Emotional Learning (Foundations for Life) Sustainability and Income Generation How to Start a Community Art Centre (Online Hand book) Handcraft

Visit the link to view a detailed overview of all our training modules and training dates:

For more information contact Howard Williams:

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