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Child Case Study Hub New Dates

Our Child Case Study hubs have changed dates and time slots to accommodate more Community Art Facilitators and guests who are interested in attending. We’ve also added in an additional session lead by art therapist and BAP founder, Angela Katschke.

The Butterfly Art Project is offering Child Case Study Hubs where participants can grow skills in analysing children's drawings using Goethean observation techniques that help identify the needs of each child.

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These hubs help enable participants work with problematic/traumatised children and implement art therapeutic principles into lesson planning.

Join Shona Saayman an Occupational Therapist, Creative, Painter, facilitator and universal learner; and Angela Katschke, an Art Therapist, founder and the Managing Director of The Butterfly Art Project in one of two sessions.

These hubs will provide opportunities for CAFs to engage with one another about overcoming challenges with the participants they serve and share lesson plans that meet the needs of children living in traumatising and difficult circumstances.

Please note the new dates and times below: -Tuesdays from 10 until 11:30 with Shona Saayman -Thursdays (starting 1st November 2018) from 16:00 until 17:30 at Capricorn Business Park (Prodev Unit 6) lead by Angela Katschke.

Child Case Studies enhace Community Art Facilitators ability to read children's drawing using Goethean observation skills

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In these gathering places, CAFs will be able to talk to each other about how they've helped participants overcome obstacles geometry dash

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