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CAF Starts Her Own Community Group!

Meet Wisaal Abrahams, one of our dedicated Community Art Facilitators who has warmed the hearts of many children and participants within her sphere of influence. Wisaal has done this using the art training she received through BAP and continues to go above and beyond!

Wisaal has worked with St Francis Children’s Home, an orphanage predominantly for boys based in Crawford, and has implemented her Early Beginnings trainings there. She has informed us that the ‘mother’ of the house has been very grateful for starting this group and for implementing the lessons with them as it has diversified many of the boys’ interests and changed the way they behave.

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Part of the Butterfly Art Project’s mission is to build strong communities of active and artistic agents that will recognise and utilise opportunities and spread the positivity and healing that art encompasses. At BAP, we have felt a great sense of achievement and are so proud to see the work Wisaal has implemented in her community.

Community Art Facilitator, Wisaal Abrahams works with children from the St Francis Children’s Home.

Not only has Wisaal worked at St Francis Children’s home, but she has also started another community group in Belgravia Estate, Cape Town. This particular group consists mainly of women (all of whom have children) who have never experienced the fine arts. Wisaal provides the women the space (in her home) to come and explore the arts, as well as share their life experiences. The intention is that the women take this back into their own homes and to help improve family dynamics. Wisaal believes that empowering one woman at a time is key to strengthening the community.

In an interview with one of the Butterfly Art Project team members Wisaal said: “Art is a place of solace for me, where one can develop inner peace which is important, as it affects how we behave in our day to day actions.” This reflects well, as Wisaal has found a space to develop her inner peace, but also made the opportunity available to others who in turn can change the homes within Belgravia. We congratulate Wisaal for the great work and going above and beyond in using what she has learnt.

Artworks in process from Wisaal's group that she formed

A painting exercise Wisaal has implemented in her own community

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This community slope has helped people connect more closely with each other.

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Wisaal is a true inspiration to all who interact with her. She is truly generous with her talent and time too. 💜

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