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BAP Welcomes Orphan Care Foundation

“We believe and saw through the success of the kids club that by providing more opportunities to children for creative expression and skills, with an emphasis on respect and kindness, it will assist them to build their self-esteem and gentler coping skills in an increasingly stressful and violent world.” says, Christiane Savoia, from Orphan Care Foundation, who shares her views on our programmes for children in need.

Christiane started training with BAP earlier this year and spent four 6 hour sessions with us. Orphan Care Foundation (OCF) is an organisation that works with orphaned and vulnerable children in the Westlake community, through various projects they work towards bringing hope into the lives of the children. It was the perfect opportunity for the OCF Project Manager, Christiane Savoia to train with the Butterfly Art Project and complete our Early Beginnings module, which she... [Continue reading]

...could then teach the children in the OCF home.

Christiane Savoia from the Orphan Care Foundation conducting an art therapeutic lesson with her children.

Our Training Programme focuses on enabling and empowering adults, the changemakers in our communities to be able to implement healing art classes in disadvantaged communities. These disadvantaged communities are faced with issues such as extreme poverty, violence, neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, gangsterism and poor living conditions to name a few – all which contribute to the instability in a child's most important development years. Issues like these are hard to overcome without any sort of external intervention, therefore our curriculum aims to create safe spaces that are a catalyst for holistic healthy development and that encourage exploration and creativity. Over the years our training modules have been refined based on our learning with children, the communities we work in and through collaboration with others in the development sector.

Christiane and one of the chidren she works with!

It is our biggest wish that more organizations and individuals like Orphan Care Foundation and Christine participate in our training and through these partnerships we can create safe and healing spaces for the children who need it the most.

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