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BAP Training Programme Produces Six New Trainers

This year, the training team worked with six Community Art Facilitators (CAFs) via the Train-the-Trainer process, through which they became fully BAP-qualified trainers in their modules of interest. It was a journey that demanded patience, commitment, resilience, diligence and tenacity from our CAFs [Continue Reading]

From left to right: Gardie Judge, Edward Luddick (new Trainer) and Angela Katschke - Edward is one of six trainers that have completed the training with BAP.

“I have always understood empowering others is giving people the power and opportunities to do something good, whether it be for themselves or for those around them,” said Training Programme Manager, Nikita Campbell.

This year, six of our CAFs successfully completed this journey and graduated as trainers in various modules, including Early Beginnings and Creative Interaction. Through this process, we have seen first-hand that empowerment is so much more than just providing opportunities for learning. We witnessed their confidence soar through a combination of personal growth and development, self-reliance, self-empowerment and a continued, determined approach to learning. 

This has revolutionised the way we view our training at BAP. Our training does more than just create opportunities for CAFs to learn and implement their new skills - it allows these facilitators to challenge themselves and rise to those challenges independently, all while bringing art and healing to adults and children in the communities in which they live, work and serve.

By empowering our trainers, we allow children to dream a little more, and instil aspirational instincts within them so that they, too, may become agents of change within the communities they find themselves in.

Gardie Judge, Barbara Chisvo (Trainer for Early Beginnings Module) and Angela Katschke

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