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Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting took place on 11 April and provided the Butterfly Art Project’s staff, its shareholders, the public and Community Art Facilitators (CAF) with the perfect opportunity to reflect on 2018, share the vision for the organisation in the year to come and share personal highlights that…[Read More]

…really moved everyone. Formalities of the evening included current Board members voting and electing new Board members, presenting the 2018 Annual Report and providing insight to BAP finances. Once the formal programme concluded, the staff got to share their highlights for 2018. Some of the highlights included the amount of CAF’s that have been trained and the growth of the Heart for Art team.

The Butterfly Art Project 2018 Annual Report is now available here:

There were a few tears shed as staff shared their personal stories and one could see how passionate some of them are. Here’s what some of the staff had to say about their year:

“My highlight would be the Heart for Art Team that I work with, they were really supportive and without them all of this wouldn’t have been possible.” – Charles Jansen, Heart for Art Team Leader.

“One of my training participants is now a board member, I’m so proud of her.” – Barbara Chisvo, ECD Specialist and Trainer

“My 2018 highlight is that I can relook at the year and witness an annual report that speaks volumes. My 2018 highlight is that I can kick my shoes off after a long hard days work and feel like I have contributed to making the world a better place. My 2018 highlight is at every hour with our children, I can see how they excel in an opportunity that would have never come their way, if it was not for the Butterfly Art Project. So, this year I do not want to have one highlight. Because there are countless. Therefore, my highlight would be that I get to start my day with something I love and at the same time, create a positive change in the world” - Zaid Philander, Art Partner Support Manager.

To view a copy of the 2018 Annual Report visit

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I can relook at the year and witness an annual report that speaks volumes. geometry dash subzero

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