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Annual Art Exhibition

Annually, we celebrate all the beneficiaries of our projects. Our exhibition showcases artwork from our Training Programme and the Heart for Art Project. This year our annual exhibition will take place on 18 July 2019, at Casa Labia (192 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town). The exhibition is hosted, planned and run by the Art Partner Support Programme and we invite all to attend. [Continue Reading]

The Art Partner Support programme offers further development opportunities for our Community Art Facilitator (CAF) trainees to deepen their knowledge and enable them to work in disadvantaged communities. We actively engage with our CAFs by providing them with new and exciting learning opportunities with the hopes to inspire and continuously create a hunger for learning. Activities such as our Artist Hubs and Child Case Study Hubs, an environment for participants to improve their creative skills and are also an opportunity to engage with one another and a great opportunity for peer-learning. Artist hubs is an ideal opportunity for our CAFs to focus on growing their own inner artist, an important and continuous growth for a good facilitator.

Our reach extends further than just equipping individuals with these skills, we also focus on schools, as a part of our Schools Outreach Project. We recently partnered with Steenberg Primary School and will help by equipping them with an art classroom as a part of our Schools Outreach Project. This project aims to incubate schools to run healing art classes independently by providing the skills needed for sustainable art practices that can be implemented long after BAP has come on board.

Society is aware of the social ills that our country and the world faces and acknowledging these issues we can better equip ourselves to eradicate them. By communicating to the public about our work means we remain accountable to the public as a public benefit organisation and keep the plight of those in need of support to aid their development on the public agenda. The Art Partner Support Programme tells the stories for all three main programmes within the Butterfly Art Project by reporting and engaging with the public and stakeholders. We also aim to create activations for public engagement to network and find potential partnerships and stakeholders, potential CAFs and increase the Butterfly Art Project footprint. 

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