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CHILDRENS'Art Centre, Vrygrond (ACV)

At our Art Centre, we test and refine all our art therapeutic methodologies, offering safe learning spaces and opportunities for children to explore, experience and develop creativity, to acknowledge and find appropriate ways of dealing with emotional hurt and pain and to heal. Rhythm is the foundation and structure of our work with children. Rhythm is key in a child’s development, building stronger life forces and emotional stability. Through rhythm we provide children with reliability, predictability, stability and consistency.  



heart for art & Love Bugs


Our art therapeutic classes for children 7 to 18 years enrolled in Primary and High School, each with 12 - 14 children per Community Art Facilitator (CAF), are run according to the school year over 4 terms. We serve a minimum of 220 children per week through art classes focussing on a variety of healing art mediums and techniques. We use basic and affordable art materials to enhance the children's creative process and contribute towards their emotional resilience and stability, such as:  

  • Clay which stabilizes and grounds children  

  • Paint which allows children to explore the feeling world and nurtures empathy for the world and others  

  • Drawing which is used to strengthen children’s thinking, life forces and observation skills  

  • Hand craft, mixed media and woodwork which strengthens important soft and hard skills 



Our Love Bugs classes provide a safe and healing space where neglected children not in school have an opportunity to stabilise and become ready to attend formal school. We welcome children who are not in school due to various social issues exacerbated by continued institutional failure to provide thousands of children with education. Through art, stories and social games and by following the same structure each day, these children gain rhythm, orientation and routine. Love Bugs focuses on the holistic development of the child, incorporating elements of nature in the classroom and encouraging creativity and free play as part of learning.  In particular, form drawing exercises strengthen their handwriting, thinking and life force. None of what we achieve would be possible without the co-operation and willingness of the State Social Workers and children’s guardians who work with us. 

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