Heart For Art

Art Centre Vrygrond under lockdown since March 2020

After much preparation and planning it was decided to resume Heart for Art classes from 29 June 2020, following rhythm of an eight-week term. Because of the corona crisis and our country still being in level 3 lockdown, we are unable to accommodate all of the Heart for Art children at once and we cannot have our usual full classes. The outcome of the first eight weeks will inform us how to adjust the program to accommodate more children for the next eight weeks, depending of the lockdown level at that stage. Classes will run four days a week, Monday to Friday and for 1.5 hours reaching 56 children per week, led by two of BAPs full-time art facilitators.

Love Bug children

This is a group of children who have been denied the opportunity to go to school. Through this class, we offer a space for these children from the Vrygrond community to have some exposure to art activities and learning, using art therapeutic and emergency pedagogy elements in these lessons. Through these art activities (which also includes free play, art making and story time), we teach the children various skills to assist them in developing aptitudes to better deal with the daily challenges they face.

We are welcoming all 30 Love Bug children back every week twice.  Each class consist of 5 children and each class will be 2 hours long, including a breakfast and nutritious snack. The classes run Monday to Thursday. A team of 7 Community Art Facilitator offer a total of 14 sessions a week.

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Community Art Facilitator Training Studio

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At Casa Labia (Garden Courtyard)

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