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Butterfly Art Project celebrated

it´s 10th Birthday


Would you like to gift us for our birthday?

Support our crowdfunding:

You might also like to consider supporting us in the following ways:

  • Make a donation directly to our bank account.

  • Send us your leftover art materials and your preloved art work.

  • Be an ambassador for our work and support us by talking about us, our achievements and our needs.

  • Bake a birthday cake to share with the children we serve.

  • Donate for more food parcels, so many can have joyful times with us.


Happy 10th birthday BAP.  Your birth brought positive colorful change to our community project work.  We will unfortunately not be joining you in the celebrations today but our hearts and prayers are with you guys.  Angela you are such a shining bright star and we love ❤️ you for everything that you are.  - Edward Luddick, CAF


Dear Butterfly Art Project donors, facilitators and recipients

Happy birthday to everyone involved in this life transforming work! 

BAP is changing the lives of children and adults, those who give - and those who receive. May you never stop doing great things and serving with gladness and humble hearts.

When you work without looking for reward or recognition - It shows! 

Be blessed today and always. 

I am privileged to be training in this work. 

 - Bonita Hendricks 🦋❤️, CAF



✨🌷Happy Birthday BAP🦋 congratulations on your 10th Birthday and for making a meaningful difference in so many of our lives and the communityies we serve. Thank you we are eternally grateful for the teachings that have been so carefully constructed and beautifully delivered. Blessings to you all. Love and light.
 - Madge Preyser-Grantham, CAF


Hi I would just like to send a great big birthday wish to Bap. Thank you for not only helping me to make a difference in my community but for helping me to help myself buy doing my own inner healing which I didn't even realize I needed until I met Butterfly Art Project. 

 - Rita Alawie, CAF


Dear Butterfly Team

I first met you seven years ago in the duck shed at Montebello.  

In a world full of suffering, the sight of a shiny small piece of beauty is all it takes to lift the spirit out of defeat.  

In our dangerous spaces, even the most delicate of creatures can prevail.

Thank you for your healing project, which surprise surprise has seen me through my Corona-cocoon to emerge with new wings.

Love your work

 - Richard Kilpert


Sanet - Bday pic.jpg

 - Sanet Visser, CAF


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