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Super Hero and Heroines are characters possessing supernatural or superhuman powers. They are often the survivors of very difficult circumstances in their childhood. In this bonus module, the Butterfly Art Project offered the chance for participants to join as a Community Facilitator to learn how to create these puppets in order to teach in their respective communities.  With the lessons that were implemented, participants were made a part of the Community Art facilitators Network and had a chance to participate in our Super Hero Puppet Indaba.

Super Hero Puppet



The Superhero Puppet project was a 7 month long project that started in March 2018 and continues to run until the end of 2018. The project offered free training that included the creation of a Super Hero puppet! This training included conceptualising the character with a biography and allowed the participants to value what a Super Hero means to them. This short module enabled Community Art Facilitators to work with their community groups so that their participants (mostly children) can find their inner Super Hero; which addressed issues of hurt, fear and trauma. 

This bonus module to achieved: 

- Three training sessions of three hours long, once per week to 30 participants. 

- Introduction to the Super Hero theme to participants that then implemented within their own art groups. 

- 8 guided and mentored implementation weeks, where participants could practice their learnings in their own groups (16 March 2018 - 5 June 2018). 

- Developed beneficiaries ability to find their own inner strength to address current social challenges. 

- Furthered creative skills and techniques in Puppet making.


- Became a part of a growing artistic community. 

- Participated in a Super Hero Indaba/Exhibition (submissions for finished puppets closed on the 21 June 2018). 153 puppets were displayed at the Youngblood Beautifull life building in July 2018.

- Celebrated all participants and children with a prizegiving ceremony and 20 featured puppets were selected to travel with instructional kits that were distributed all over the globe. 


- The top 20 selected puppets that were produced were featured as illustrations that will be featured in branding of the Butterfly Art Project. The creators were awarded with prizes.


- Instructional kits of the entire workshop was developed and donated through the course of 2018 to organisations all over the globe for future kids and facilitators to spread the message of healing through our Super Hero movement!


First Thursday and Public Viewing from 17:00


Prize-giving and Award Ceremony 18:00


Closing of Exhibition

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