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Kick off workshop 2019

After a well-deserved end of year break, we kicked off 2019 with a 3 day workshop. These 3 days consisted of catching up with our team members, planning and refining our goals for the year. A goal without a plan, is simply a wish - a goal with a plan is always achievable. This is when we managed to get our team to...

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Take part in a 3 day kick off workshop. BAP staff spent valuable time reviewing their programme and project plans for 2019. The Heart for Art team focused much of their time on getting to grips with commitments made for 2019 and lesson scheduling for term 1. This team decided that CAFs will again be afforded the opportunity of assisting Heart for Art as a way of increasing their implementation hours and learning from a well experienced art facilitation team.

The Training and Mentoring team reviewed their year plans in detail, ensuring that they have the capacity and tools available for being able to not only record results in their newly revamped CAF master list, but also to capture data for assessing the effectiveness of their work. The ECD mentoring tool was completed in 2018 and will now be utilized for recording all on-site visits. Tools were developed during the workshop for recording CAF mentoring that takes place regularly at the CAF Workshop after training. Ways of capturing CAF implementation (BAP's impact) were also discussed and the team agreed on how this data will be recorded and housed internally. 

Art Partner Support spent time ensuring that their 2019 plans were realistic and then focused their attention on the capacity and tools they need in order to record results and impact data. 

The final day of the workshop was facilitated by the 2 programme managers. The templates for implementation reports, output journals and significant (impact) stories were discussed in full plenary, with all staff giving input into their relevance and how best to use these tools. A lot of discussion took place about "change" and how one reports on observed changes so that the information is verifiable and speaks directly to impact. 

All the best to everyone involved and contributing to the success of the programmes and projects. 


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