Mentoring programme

The mentoring programme offers further guidance to training participants and Community Art Facilitators in developing their art therapeutic skills. Our mentoring process includes support to trainees how to implement in their teaching spaces in an effective and sustainable way. Our experienced mentors provide one on one sessions and site visits that motivates them to complete our Community Art Facilitators training.

Art in Schools 


Art in Schools is a mentoring service offered to art partners who run art classes in ECD centres and primary schools. These are predominantly educators, but can include community members wishing to start up extracurricular programme in partnership with schools in their communities. 


Preschool Creative Development 

Preschool Creative Development is linked to the CAF development project, specifically the module: Early Beginnings. This module is offered to Early Childhood Centres, including their owners, educators and carers. 


The module includes hands-on training in art activities, didactical methods and observation of the developmental stage of the children. We teach facilitators which activities are age appropriate; what the purpose of and the impact they may have on the cognitive and physical development of children and the importance thereof. 


As part of the mentoring service offered by BAP, a specialist mentor will visit participating ECD centres on a monthly basis. These visits are aimed at providing support and guidance for the development of Art Teachers and art programmes within participating ECDs. 


Participating educators also receive access to the BAP’s open studio/hub and any further networking opportunities with other creatives and art practitioners. 


BAP has developed a low cost Waldorftoy making module and a module about dealing with special needs conditions, dispositions and challenges in childhood in their continuing efforts to offer further ECD relevant training modules. 


Train the Trainer Mentorship Project 


The TT Mentorship Project is focused on Trainers who have qualified through the Train-the-Trainer project and who have acquired sufficient experience to provide effective mentoring to new trainers. 


Mentors will also need to complete the mentorship programme training. 


Mentors will be assigned no more than three co-trainers with in the Mentorship Project. Mentors will assess the co-trainers during their training of a particular module. This assessment will be included in the Trainer’s POE submission. 


Mentorship of trainers will include coaching and ongoing feedback during the mentoring process.

Heart for Art 

Part of the Mentoring Programme, where CAFs gain practical first-hand experience in art facilitation, is BAP’s Heart for Art project, based in our Art Centre in Vrygrond. Heart for Art, is an extra-curricular programme offered to children, providing them a sense of belonging and opportunities to develop life and social skills. Classes are offered throughout the week in 1 to 2-hour sessions, over 32 weeks (following the school year). Heart for Art also runs community classes (Love Bugs) for children who have not been enrolled into schools or formal educational institutions. These children are offered classes three mornings per week based on emergency pedagogy. Heart for Art also runs teaching and learning partnerships with schools in communities suffering from similar social challenges. We see this as an exchange of learning in order to better understand their challenges, and their best practice in overcoming them while we share our experience over the past 8 years.  


This is a centre is also where CAFs have experiential learning of the teaching methodologies gained through our training with the support of qualified and experienced organisational managers, an occupational therapist and lesson implementors. At Heart for Art, CAFs who have qualified through our Training Programme implement classes with local children, testing the learned teaching methodologies, taking on lesson plan development and learning how best to utilise BAP’s Child Development Assessment Tool. This centre is also where BAP continuously monitors the ability of CAFs to implement what they learned through our training. CAFs who wish to complete their POEs for the Early Beginnings module but who do not yet have a group of children to work with, are offered the opportunity to implement the required contact time at Heart for Art. This centre therefore: 

  • Enables BAP to monitor and refine the effectives of its training. 

  • Allows BAP to test that training can be implemented at community level. 

  • Ensures that BAP remains current in its research and testing of best practice for working with traumatised children. 

  • Provides opportunities for CAFs to implement their BAP learnings and complete their POEs. 


CAF Portfolio of Evidence Support and Mentoring 


BAP’s aim is to provide support and guidance during Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) development through the BAP Open Studio/ HUB space. 


Open Studio – a time set aside where CAF’s can bring their own artwork, portfolio homework or questions for a BAP trainer. 


Portfolio Work – this is a dedicated time (usually near the deadline of a course conclusion) where individuals can work on any portfolio pieces. Write lesson plans, experiment with the learnt media, make more examples, or ask questions. During this time CAF’s will receive support and guidance during the development of their PoE’s. 

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